Visakhapatnam is the first district in the State and probably in the country, to introduce the electronic muster and verification system, engaging the biometric and GPS facilities, to ensure foolproof implementation of the prestigious National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS). This method, introduced in Anandapuram mandal and extended to seven other adjoining mandals, has been appreciated by Minster for Rural Development Vatti Vasantha Kumar during his recent visit to the district and he wanted the entire district to be covered so that Visakhapatnam could become a model district, Collector J. Syamala Rao said at a press conference here on Saturday. Under the electronic muster and verification system, the muster application would be loaded into the field assistant's mobile phone with details of wage seekers and the beneficiaries engaged under NREGS will be registered in the biometric method at their work spot. The details are immediately flashed to the officers concerned who randomly verify the details by using the biometric and GPS system. Any discrepancies would be automatically informed to the mobile phone of the Project Director of District Wager Management Agency(DWMA).

Model District – Electronic muster and verification system

Visakhapatnam is the first district in the State and probably in the country, to introduce the electronic muster and verification system

Buoyant over the excellent response for the experimental cell phone photo monitoring of garbage lifting from bins, GHMC is likely to extend the project for the entire city albeit in phases. Officials claim that photos obtained real time whenever garbage bins are being lifted every morning had revealed that more than 90 per cent operations were proceeding smoothly and cleanly. Effective way “It is pretty effective in monitoring garbage lifting from bins and more useful than even vehicle monitoring,” says Additional Commissioner (Health & Sanitation) S. Aleem Basha. Beginning this month, sanitary supervisors of Health and Sanitation Department of Abids and Khairatabad areas were given cell phones to take the photos and immediately send it across to the head-office. Photos were coming in from 106 spots where there are 120 garbage bins. “We are receiving close to 150 photos and each day we have noticed that there are three or four instances where bins are either not properly lifted or the environs not being cleaned properly. Immediate instructions are being issued to the sanitary personnel to clean up,” he explains.


Effective in monitoring garbage lifting from bins

Only when we receive recognition for our services could we derive satisfaction. This award is the result of the coordinated efforts of all in the administration. This is a scheme for the poor, a statutory obligation. We have to ensure transparency as several crores of rupees involved. Proper supervision should be done at every level to prevent misappropriation of funds, particularly in muster rolls. Also, the systems should be developed so that even when an officer is transferred, they remain in place to provide long term benefits,” he observed. The transparency levels were so high that the muster rolls would be known within half an hour from any remote place in the district and this would control manipulations.


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