OSRT for Field Staff Attendance


The off-site real-time (OSRT) system is designed and developed for Municipal Corporations with an aim to provide 360-degree accountability in public health and urban planning. Relying on the little used camera of the ubiquitous, easy-to-use mobile phone as the tool of accountability, the OSRT generates real-time off-site images of municipal activities. The users will be more responsive and responsible because complete and reliable information on their activities and outputs is available in the public domain at a single point.

The objective was to develop a 360-degree accountability mechanism that primarily relied on the mobile phone camera to provide real time images of far-away events and complement the accountability tool with reforms in governance practices, processes, and procedures to improve accountability on all dimensions – internal, upward, and downward.

An anywhere, anytime accountability mechanism, the OSRT provides real time information in solid waste management, urban planning, public works, and street lighting to municipal managers and the citizens. The tool component of the OSRT accountability mechanism consists of preloaded applications and jobs on mobile phones to photograph of, workers attendance, garbage bin cleaning, and daily street sweeping. The application allows users to record events with date, time and coordinates using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Precise temporal and spatial information and generation of reliable images of distant municipal activities has enhanced accountability on all dimensions.



  • Ensure cleanliness of city including remote areas
  • Leverage IT for civic services
  • To develop accountability mechanism
  • Ensure effective monitoring and planning
  • Empower citizens


Solution Overview




  • Heralding in an IT enabled era of accountability, answerability and transparency
  • Initiative gained stake holders confidence – not a single instance deriding/denouncing the initiative reported so far
  • Availability of real time and authentic data across all levels of administration
  • Perceptible impact on attendance of workforce and dumper bin clearing
  • Reduction in complaints on public health and non-glowing street lights
  • De-mystification of town planning activities
  • Information access to all stake holders