Urban & Community Management

India is poised to have nearly fifty per cent of India living in urban areas in next decade and that poses a challenge for the urban development and renewal task. With Large scale urbanization bring the need to plan and develop urban areas in a systematic manner, invest in infrastructure and improve the quality of life in our cities. There is an urgent need to address the downside of proliferating slums, increasing homelessness, growing urban poverty and crime, of relentless march of pollution and ecological damage.

One of the major requirements for urban development is to have the accurate and timely information – information in geospatial forms that allows generation and use of different maps, GIS data and applications. Information of urban areas that characterizes the Social and economic environment, Physical Environment, services and amenities are critical in planning and development of urban areas. At the same time, the urban area also requires Urban Management as details of town planning or municipal functions – especially, regulation of land uses, building by-laws for management activities in urban planning, taxation and revenue, urban amenities planning, urban infrastructure management etc.

Every urban area needs GIS – a comprehensive map-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS) that powers urban planning and urban management. The GIS must meet the needs of the city – at different levels of administration/planning/management, be based on modern data sources such as satellite and GIS databases, provide GIS-Decision Support System (DSS) for urban planning/management.