Asset Management


The solution is to provide a sophisticated and efficient way of data capturing and managing the assets in real time data capturing program activities effectively. The application aids in survey and tagging of the assets for better Monitoring, Capturing and Maintenance program of Assets which are both Tangible and Intangible and Living or Non Living. The application can be modified to any type of Data capturing and verification of the data against the exiting Asset Data. The  main features of the application is its ability to capture the details on site with the GEO-Fencing and tagging with GPS coordinates to locate the exact location on the GIS map.

The application main feature is its Robust and Scalability with very fast turnaround Time to incorporate new features as and when requested. The details of the assets (old and new) can be captured with an image of the asset to get firsthand information of the Asset. This in turn supported by reports modules than can be seamlessly integrated into the application to have a better MIS that leads to a better planning and execution of the welfare programs initiated.

The Mobile application can be used for both Tangible and Intangible assets. This can be used both for Human, Livestock and other assets having a physical structure and those which can be photographed. This can achieved with minimal changes to the application.

Since the data captured is Real time and Onsite and Geo-Fenced and data uploaded instantaneously it is a very dynamic in nature.

The application can be extended to additional components that are supporting functionalities that form the work flow for a better Management Information System



  • Asset Identification survey and data capture.
  • To Cross check and validate the assets data available in the NIC / third part database with the onsite asset.
  • Asset tagging using the GEO-FENCING to accurately locate the assets for future reference and use using GPS technology
  • Identification of the status of the asset i.e. functioning/ non functioning, etc and allow the field staff to edit data onsite..
  • Identification of new assets which were not recorded in the existing information base



  • Survey and Data Collection
  • Location Based Search of Assets
  • Creation of MIS reports as per the requirement
  • Complaint Launching and Resolving

Solution Overview


How it Works

The asset surveying and verification process is the primary activity, the Bluefrog personnel will visit the various asset locations spread across the state and do the verification and validation of the assets. This is done with the data supplied by the NIC / Third Party. The asset location is visited and thru the mobile application that is used to enter the data against the different parameters that were in the BRS that are already available in the application. The asset is then GIS-tagged or geo-fenced with the asset being photographed with clear images and to get the exact location with the help of a GPS enable Mobile device. This information is to pinpoint exactly the geographical location of the Asset through GPS satellite help, this is a major advantage  in the earlier information base the asset is simply located in village or a habitation which did not have the exact  location but a simple reference.

The next activity would be to GEO-Tag or GEO –Reference new assets that were missing from the existing information / data base. The activity is same as the previous one except that the information captured will be for the new asset.


  • Better asset management and real time tracking leading to better inventory management and planning
  • Prevent duplication of asset as it is GPS and GIS tagged with GPS coordinates (which cannot be duplicated)
  • GIS Tagging / fencing for accurate location rather simple reference in a village or habitation
  • Dynamic reports  for better Management Information System
  • Capturing of images Photos at survey / work spot with GPS co-ordinates (Improved representation of the Asset).
  • Better complaint redressal.