Supply Chain Management


As part of POC the Prohibition & Excise (P&E) department of Andhra Pradesh has  implemented a system to eradicate and control spurious & counterfeit liquor with the help of High Security Hologram. Supporting the P&E Department in this initiative, Blue Frog Mobile Technologies has developed an application named as Hedonic Path Finder System. With the help of High Security Hologram, P & E Dept., has invited for “Manufacturing, Printing, Marking / numbering & Supply of High Security Holograms with 2D Barcode / 1D Linear Barcode along with a system to Design, Develop, Test, Deploy, Operate and Maintain Track & Trace System for Liquor Sales on Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis.



  • Demand from P&E department to control spurious liquor supply
  • Bluefrog Mobile Technologies foray into Mobile Supply Chain Management


  • Depots
  • Holograms development
  • Distillery Officer
  • Supplier
  • Transport Permit Management System
  • Retailer

Solution Overview


How it Works

APBCL generates “Order for Supply (OFS)” depot wise for stock to be dispatched from supplier to depot, existing order management software will be used for this process. HPFS will be integrated with existing system for OFS depot wise details.OFS Contains the details of the Stock like no. of Cartons/cases Brand wise and size wise. Based on the OFS, Supplier/Distillery will raise an order for the Holograms to be affixed on Bottles.

Hologram Tags with 2D barcode will be generated by Hologram manufacturers against orders from suppliers and tag generation information will be maintained in the central server with the following details.

  • End Serial Number of the tag
  • Case ID with 1D barcode
  • Start Serial number of the tag

Hologram Tags will be distributed to suppliers as per the Orders from the Suppliers. Distillery Office at Distillery receives the Holograms and distributes the Holograms to the Production lines according to the indent raised by the Distillery.

Supplier has to generate unique 1D barcode to affix on bottle boxes, these IDs will be mapped to bottles in the box. Supplier has to scan all the 2D applied tags on bottles by mapping with 1D barcode and this information has to transfer to central server with following values.

  • Bottles 2D Identification
  • ID Identification number
  • No of Bottles
  • Brand Name
  • Supplier Name
  • Size of the Bottle
  • Strength
  • Category


Once the Tags are applied on the Cartons, Transport Permit will be generated by the Supplier and the Stock will be uploaded into the vehicle by scanning all the Cartons. While loading the stock into the vehicle, replacement of the Cartons will be done if any breakage occurs. Once the TP is generated, Distillery Officer will have to approve the TP so that Vehicle will start at Distillery and sent to Depot.

Depot will receive the Stock by scanning of TP and while unloading the Stock, in case of any breakage suspect, breakage bottle in the Carton will be replaced by a good bottle.

Retailer will raise an order for the Cartons and based on the Order from the Retailer, ICDC (Invoice Cum Delivery Challan) will be generated; once ICDC is generated TP will be created for the ICDC for the Stock to be dispatched to Retailer.

Subsequently when the Retailer receives the Stock, TP will be scanned, when the TP is scanned all the details of the bottles in the cartons are saved in the local database of the Retailer. This will help the retailer to generate the Bills at the time of Sale (POS)


  • Control & restrict the supply of spurious liquor
  • Faster & easier supply of liquor from distilleries to retail vendors
  • Tracking & monitoring of liquor distribution, stock maintenance and sale history