Bluefrog wins prestigious MANTHAN Award for its PoP Solution


Bluefrog has WON the Prestigious MANTHAN AWARD in the category “e-Governance” for the year 2013 for its innovative solution UNNATHI which was implemented for SERP Department. Out of total 84 nominations for e-Governance, only 9 were finalized and among the 9 finalists, our Unnathi was declared winner. The solution has been implemented under the program “Poorest of the Poor (PoP)” an initiative by Government of India. This is the second award that we have won for this solution after winning eWorld award in 2012.

We have been awarded this project in the month of January’2011 and we have successfully implemented by April’2011 with “Shortlist” module and later on we have added House hold livelihood Plan, Utilization Certificate and Image Upload modules.

mBillionth Award for e-MMS

mbillionth (1)

Bluefrog wins the prestigious 2012 mBillionth award for its innovative solution Electronic Muster and Measurement System implemented for national prestigious program MGNREGS.

The Electronic Muster & Measurement System (eMMS) is a technology solution to achieve complete transparency in MGNREGS. It allows one to obtain LIVE data from the work-site to the website on a day-to-day basis. The mobile technology is customised and deployed for MGNREGS field functionaries through different mobile applications such as e-Muster, e-Measurement, e-muster verification and e-check measurement.

Like many other preceding welfare schemes implemented in a similar scale at the grassroots level, MGNREGS was marred with corruption, misappropriation, leakages of funds and benefits not reaching the target group. Moreover, there was a felt need to adopt a better monitoring system and so ensure effective programme implementation covering more than 10 million wage-seekers spread across 61,000 villages in Andhra Pradesh.

It was important to get accurate and effective decision-making and its management.It was in this context, an innovative solution was sought to get real-time data right from the village for effective monitoring and to arrest corruption in musters and measurements. eMMS was introduced as a solution. It has huge potential in serving these needs and has to be further integrated into mobile usage.

Brough eMMS, complete transparency is ensured by capturing the details of wage seekers that have reported for work, right to the level of Name and Job Card ID. The details are populated in real time in the web reports, which are available for public access. Similarly, GPS coordinates and photographs of all works carried out under MGNREGS are captured and made available. Applications are menu-driven, with rich graphic user interface provided in local

The eMMS data is available in the public domain through its website. The number of wage seekers working in any village on a day can be further accessed by just sending a simple SMS request to the number 8008220000 in the specified format.

eWorld Award for CMSA


Bluefrog has won the eWorld award in the category “Best ICT-enabled Agriculture Initiative of the Year 2012″ for its first of its kind product Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture (CMSA).

CMSA is a paradigm shift in moving from input centric model to knowledge and skill based model. It involves making best use of locally available natural resources and takes best advantage of the natural processes. The main objective of CMSA is to bring sustainability to agricultural based livelihoods, with special focus on small and marginal farmers, tenants, agriculture labour and women. Its major objective is to making small farming viable. The core investment is on supporting community managed extension system than on material inputs. CMSA is essentially a farmer centered movement. Transfer of technology is through community based local best practicing farmers. Farmers field school (FFS) is the key activity for transfer of technology. Farmers upgrade knowledge by sharing, observations and experiments. 20-25 farm families formed into a group known as “Sasyamithra Sanghas” and these sanghas are assisted by a paid village activist (a practicing farmer) and paid cluster activist (for a group of five villages, he is also a practicing farmer). CMSA is focusing on building community best practitioners in technology transfer. They are known as “Community Resource Persons (CRPs)”. These community leaders are role models, who have adopted CMSA practices successfully in their fields and improved their net incomes.

mHealth Award for NDCC

mHealth Alliance Award

We are delighted to announce that Bluefrog’s NDCC solutions has won the mHealth Alliance award for the year 2012 implemented for Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP).

The Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) is a governmental institution that supports women’s self-help groups (with over 11 million members) and their federations in Andhra Pradesh, India as part of a multi-dimensional poverty alleviation strategy.  SERP’s Community Managed Health and Nutrition work is anchored at the village-level through self-help group appointed community health workers that oversee nutrition day care centers (NDCC). In a Public-Private Partnership with Bluefrog Technologies Pvt. Limited as the software solution provider, SERP has piloted a real time Decision Support System called mNDCC to ensure consistency and quality of services provided through the NDCC. mNDCC will also be used to generate a monitoring and evaluation feedback loop between local and state level actors and to generate client-wise tracking of nutrition and health behavior change. The reach of the mNDCC program will expand as SERP continues to scale the NDCC program to all 38,000 villages in the state.

mBillionth Award for OSRT

mbillionth (2)

We are delighted to announce that Bluefrog’s OSRT solution is a winner in the mBillionth award south asia for the year 2011.

OSRT (Offsite Real Time Monitoring System) designed and developed by the Bluefrog Mobile Technologies Private Limited for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), is an anywhere, anytime accountability mechanism, which provides real-time information in solid waste management, urban planning, public works and street lighting to municipal managers and the citizens. OSRT is a unique accountability mechanism because the ubiquitous, easy-to-use mobile phone has made possible the combination of accountability tools and processes. The unification is made possible by the innovative use of the largely ignored mobile phone eye (camera), leading to the generation of real-time off-site images of municipal activities valued by citizens. Now, GHMC managers are more responsive and responsible because complete and reliable information on their activities and outputs is available in the public domain at a single point. The application allows users to record events with date, time and coordinates using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Precise temporal and spatial information and generation of reliable images of municipal activities has enhanced accountability to unimagined levels.The solution is loaded to the cell phones of GHMC officials. Uploading an image by them triggers generation of real time reports required for supervision / monitoring. OSRT is in public domain and citizens have access to all its features like any GHMC official. Citizens can send their complaints on the civic services through SMS and besides getting an acknowledgment may verify status online.

eWorld Award for eMMS


Bluefrog wins the eWorld award for the year 2011 under “Best Public Choice” category for its solution Electronic Muster and Measurement System (eMMS) implemented for Department of Rural Development, GoAP.

eWorld Award for PoP (Unnati)


Bluefrog has won the Best Jury Award for Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger for the year 2012 for  its innovative solution “Unnati”. This solution was implemented for Society for Eliminating of Rural Poverty (SERP).