School Management System


A school management solution that enables schools to monitor their daily activities like attendance management, syllabus completion, examination organization and evaluation, etc.  Beyond providing a robust reporting system, the system effectively answers the need for a detailed analysis of the school performance data and enables the management to take necessary corrective and preventing action.

School Management System on Tabs comprehensively gathers all the necessary data of a school’s regular activities.  Based on this information, it effectively alerts the schools and their managements to assess their status and take decisions.  The application extends this performance monitoring to the various geographic levels to grade Mandals, Districts, and then the State so that the administration/funding departments to assess their overall performance.


  • Demand for analytics and decision enabling solutions in the market
  • Continuing Bluefrog’s leadership on mobile based solutions market
  • Shift of mobile device usage onto affordable tabs in place of low-end phones and desktops



  • School Setup (establishment)
  • Academic Year Calendar setup
  • Staff & Student Registration
  • Attendance management (Student & Staff)
  • Syllabus management
  • Academic (marks) management
  • Welfare scheme management
  • Analytics (Grading, Graphs, and Reports)


Solution Overview

Solution comprises of two sub-applications tied together through a synch-up mechanism.  One application operates on the individual tablets used by the individual schools, while the other application will be hosted on net to be used by the funding departments/Bluefrog for the necessary support and administration.


How it Works

At the high level the system functionality can be categorized into its 1) Data collection and 2) Data aggregation methods.

The set up of the system starts with the configuration of school data, academic calendar years, and syllabus structure as prescribed by the Education ministry/department.  This is arranged through the module either by the department personnel or by Bluefrog Mobile Technologies.  Easy data uploads are facilitated via bulk upload mechanism.  Later on, users can use the individual user-friendly and intuitive screens of the web application to add or update this data.

Each school is provided with a tablet on which the mobile module will be deployed.  This module is a typical app with a rigorous system design and a robust database.  Using this app, schools record their daily data including attendance, syllabus completion, examination conduction and evaluation, and welfare schemes’ organization.  Using this data, the app quickly calculates the grading of the school on various aspects like Attendance, Academics, Syllabus Completion, Drop-outs, Staff Efficiency, etc.

At the end of each working day, schools copy their data onto the centralized server using our optimized synchronization mechanism.  Thus the entire school database will be maintained centrally, which aggregates and calculates grades of geographic areas like Mandals, districts, and the state.  A number of graphs and reports will be projected for the analytical purposes of the administration to assess the status, identify improvements, and thus to take effective decisions.

Bluefrog advantage comes with two unique features- Geo-fencing and offline operations.

Our tablet app can be configured to restrain data entry outside the school premises.  This will improve the authenticity of the data and enforce that the data entry staff are actually present in the school premises on the particular date.  The mobile app functions without the need for an internet connectivity, enabling the deployment of this application in far flung rural areas where internet connectivity could be an issue.  At the point of synchronization, the app lets the users connect to the server using wifi network or even via SIM based connectivity.


  • Perfect Performance Monitoring System.  The entire system is designed and optimized for performance monitoring.  Detailed dashboards give schools and their management their up-to-date performance data, a grading based on a comprehensive set of factors decided by Bluefrog’s extensive research.  The analytics help the management to quickly analyze and take improvement decisions based on a wide scope of factors.
  • The mobile Advantage.  Schools are now offered a app deployed on a tab, which they can carry around to operate on.  This enables them to do the data entry right on the spot- literally in the class rooms.
  • Affordability.  SMST is optimized to operate on economic low-range tablets.  The solution is backed with cloud-based back-end servers to offer cutting edge cost benefits.
  • Digital image proofs.  School staff can record with digital images on their data like attendance, mid day meal organization for improved administration effectiveness and staff responsibility.
  • More accurate & authentic data.  Bluefrog’s advanced feature- Geo fencing force the staff to be in the school premises to enter their data.  This brings in more data authenticity and demands staff’s accountability.
  • Offline functionality.  Buefrog’s advanced offline functionality lets the school management to deploy this service in schools with limited internet connectivity.  Data entry can continue with absolutely no connectivity.
  • State of the art design.  Every minute detail is designed with utmost care to give the users a trendy yet friendly interface.  Navigation, the interface objectives, and the screen design is articulated based on a number of interviews with people involved with school management and teaching staff.