Instant Application Builder (10MIN)


Bluefrog’s Instant Application Builder is a friendly, elegant, consolidated user interface for creating rich web pages, forms and reports as well as data tables and queries. The application enables users to build and deploy Rich Applications in minutes. All of which can be deployed cross-platform on the desktop, Mobile, PDA, Tablets or in the browser with a single click. The system has the following features:

Screen Designer: The application allow users to develop new screen and add fields on existing views to fit their specific needs

Workflow Designer: Drag & drop to customize business logic and automate actions for every document or steps.

Database Builder: Create new objects and add new fields to adapt business processes to the business needs of the user.

Application on Multiple Platforms: The application can be installed in multiple channels such as Desktops, mobiles, PDAs, Tablets etc. and it works on the following different platforms.


Our IAB also supports different mobile/tablet OS such as Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows


  • To provide a platform to develop application rapidly within 10 minutes
  • To eradicate the dependency on programmer to develop applications
  • To provide multiple platforms such as SMS, Web, IVRS, Mobile browser and Mobile native to develop  applications
  • To eliminate the gap while gathering the requirements, as the users can directly develop application based on their requirements without any intervention of other person.


Solution Overview




  • Feature rich platform
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Creating Readymade solutions within 10 minutes
  • User friendly platform
  • No need of programmer/ developer to develop applications
  • Cloud enabled platform
  • Works on Web, Mobile and Tablet
  • Real-time MIS & Dash Boards