Diary Management


NABARD has been instrumental in facilitating various activities under micro-finance sector, involving all possible partners at the ground level in the field. NABARD has been encouraging voluntary agencies, bankers, socially spirited individuals, other formal and informal entities and also government functionaries to promote and nurture SHGs. The focus in this direction has been on training and capacity building of partners, promotional grant assistance to Self Help Promoting Status of Micro Finance in India 2009-2010 Institutions (SHPIs), Revolving Fund Assistance (RFA) to MFIs, equity/ capital support to MFIs to supplement their financial resources and provision of 100 per cent refinance against bank loans provided by various banks for micro-finance activities.

The Fund is utilized to support interventions to eligible institutions and stakeholders. Training and Capacity building – NABARD continued to  organize / sponsor training programme and exposure visits for the benefit of officials of banks, NGOs, SHGs and government agencies to enhance their effectiveness in the field of micro-finance.


Automation of UPNRM Programme on natural resources  management  project for operational, administrative and accounting functions at field with time processes and single source of truth model of data capture for updating central server with the following aspects:

  • Providing mobile application for uploading data along with digital snapshots & Videos.
  • Real time MIS generation for the activities of UPNRM.
  • Providing various abstract reports, dashboards, GIS reports etc,   helps District and State level officials to track the activities and monitor the progress of UPNRM activities of field organizers.


Solution Overview



  • Farmers information is available anywhere any time through web
  • Status of the cattle or vegetative growth can be viewed directly through uploaded videos
  • Exception reports helps in analyzing and reviewing with the field assistants & supervising officers
  • Available of  GSM/GPRS service on mobile instruments and thereby reduce the Capitol cost associated with computers/ e-notebooks at the field. The mobiles enabled to update data in real time, resulting in Real-time information available on field data which in turn generates real-time reporting capabilities for proper Decision Making
  • Design and development of online (when GPRS signal is available) and Offline (When GPRS signal is absent) for capturing  farmers data helps in capturing the data without any interruptions
  • Training semiskilled mobile end users on usage of application through PPT presentations and user manuals
  • Capturing of  Geo – tagged  Images from the point of origin and displaying in MIS reports with time stamp