e-MMS : electronic Muster and Measurement System


The project is to provide a sophisticated way of capture and managing MG-NREGS program activities effectively. The scheme activities which are for the welfare of the rural people who are the residents of the rural areas aims to improve the financial protection by legal Guaranteeing of 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work at the minimum wage rate notified for agricultural laborer prescribed in the State or else an unemployment allowance. The objective of the Act is to supplement wage employment opportunities in rural areas and in the process also build up durable assets.


To achieve complete transparency in implementation of NREGS at ground

To arrest distortions in the NREGS programme such as

  • Muster Fudging;
  • Delays in Payments;
  • Fake Wage seekers;
  • Fake Measurements and
  • Work Duplication

To Monitor and thereby improve efficiency in NREGS Programme Implementation

(Through Timely updates of work activities progress,by facilitating the field functionary to capture data from the field.)

Solution Overview



  •      Better accountability of functionaries at various levels
  •      Day wise monitoring System
  •      Dynamic reports; available in public domain for better Analysis
  •      Capturing of Photos at work spot with GPS co-ordinates(Improved representation of the work Progress)
  •      Enhanced transparency( through on time web portal)
  •      Drastic reduction in fake musters and bogus names
  •      Faster Pay order generation
  •      Creating awareness among the stakeholders on usage of IT application