• Date : 09 / 12 / 2013
Bluefrog Rated at SEI CMMi Level 3


Bluefrog, recently achieved its CMMI® Level 3 rating. On November 23, we have received the final confirmation from the credentialing authority, CMMI Institute.

The CMMI Level 3 rating (officially referred to as the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development or CMMI-DEV® – Maturity Level 3) is one level of advancement along a spectrum of software development process maturity that was originally developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and a coalition of industry and government experts (and was, purportedly, largely funded by the Department of Defense), to objectively appraise and recognize best practices in software engineering and systems engineering. As of January 2013, the sponsorship of CMMI, as an organized discipline, was taken over by the CMMI Institute, which is now chartered to conduct CMMI training and certification; sponsor conferences and classes; and provide information about CMMI process improvement models and appraisals. CMMI Institute is still under the purview of Carnegie Mellon University, but as a 100%-controlled subsidiary of Carnegie Innovations, the university’s technology commercialization enterprise. The SEI has moved on to “pioneer and advance new research in the field of software process management,” according to its own website.

The CMMI ratings are essentially designed to reflect how mature (i.e., how tried and true) are a company’s own processes and methods for producing high quality software. The CMMI-DEV model consists of five levels of CMMI process maturity, with each of those levels being a layer in an organization’s foundation for ongoing process improvement.  The levels are designated by the numbers one through five with five being the highest. Respected throughout the information technology (IT) industry and the federal government sector, the CMMI ML3 rating offers the promise of lower risks to successful program execution that an appraised organization can deliver.