• Date : 17 / 09 / 2013
eWorld Award

eWorld Award for CMSA


Bluefrog has won the eWorld award in the category “Best ICT-enabled Agriculture Initiative of the Year 2012″ for its first of its kind product Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture (CMSA).

CMSA is a paradigm shift in moving from input centric model to knowledge and skill based model. It involves making best use of locally available natural resources and takes best advantage of the natural processes. The main objective of CMSA is to bring sustainability to agricultural based livelihoods, with special focus on small and marginal farmers, tenants, agriculture labour and women. Its major objective is to making small farming viable. The core investment is on supporting community managed extension system than on material inputs. CMSA is essentially a farmer centered movement. Transfer of technology is through community based local best practicing farmers. Farmers field school (FFS) is the key activity for transfer of technology. Farmers upgrade knowledge by sharing, observations and experiments. 20-25 farm families formed into a group known as “Sasyamithra Sanghas” and these sanghas are assisted by a paid village activist (a practicing farmer) and paid cluster activist (for a group of five villages, he is also a practicing farmer). CMSA is focusing on building community best practitioners in technology transfer. They are known as “Community Resource Persons (CRPs)”. These community leaders are role models, who have adopted CMSA practices successfully in their fields and improved their net incomes.